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About Us

Into Mania is an animation boutique based in York, UK.


We pride ourselves on being experienced, nimble and multiskilled. Able to produce anything from simple digital media elements to award winning TV commercials and 4K film. With decades of experience working at the cutting edge of animation. Delivering high quality work, on budget, to deadline.


We follow a flexible studio model and enjoy working with directors and artists from accros the globe.


Clients include MTV, Hewlett Packard, Cisco Systems, Cartoon Network, The International Olympic Committee, BBC, ITV, Sky, Discovery and a plethora of advertising agencies and production companies.

Into Mania is proud to have worked with

just a few of our clients

YOG - Youth Olympic Games

2012 Youth Olympic Games - Cultural and educational program animated inserts

We have the skills...

We create, develop, adopt and even replicate existing client styles, working to brief, on time, on budget. We are able to work to upto 4k film resolution for render and compositing and regularly deliver HD footage over secure FTP to clients around the world. We are experienced in producing footage for broadcast TV commercials, TV titling, sponsorship and cinema commercials. We can composite, grade and meet compliance requirements for UK and international broadcast standards.


3D Animation - we produce all flavours of 3D animation - characters, technical and illustrative.


2D Animation - using the industry standard packages including Flash, After Effects and good old pencil and paper!


Motion Graphics - for corporate, web and conference presentation. We love to add in 3D animated elements and live action footage to really make your film stand out and reflect your brand or product.


Visual Effects - combining our enviable skills with live action and stock footage to produce convincing VFX


Above all, we are artists!

Diet Coke - 2010 Cannes Lion runner up (MoFilm)

Diet Coke - 2010 MoFilm Cannes Lion runner-up

Talk to us!

We're always pleased to hear from potential clients and more than happy to discuss, advise and pitch on projects. We are happy to work to fixed budgets and can provide solutions flexible enough to fit specific needs both functionally and financially.


Call us, email us or skype us!

Yoggl - Youth Olympic Games mascot animation

Yoggl - Youth Olympic Games Innsbruck - Mascot introduction animation

MTV Europe - MTV Days

MTV Days - MTV Europe (Animation and technical direction)

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